Consolidus provides compelling solutions for associations and their members. Trade associations, consortiums and other groups of companies are perfectly suited to the Consolidus model – bringing buying power to small and middle market companies that do not have access to group purchasing.

  • Savings for Members

    The savings for individual members of organizations are compelling in their own right. But when taken in aggregate – say for 1,000 nonprofits, or 25,000 churches, or 1,250 restaurants, or 800 banks, the savings are downright astonishing!

    Bring the value of savings to your membership today by aggregating the buying power of your entire association into the leverage of ONE! 

  • Increased Membership Enrollment

    Consolidus can have a significant impact on efforts to expand enrollments for associations with or without dues requirements. The annual savings generated by Consolidus contracts consistently offset, if not dwarf, association membership dues delivering unparalleled benefits to your membership attractiveness.

    Partner with Consolidus to help grow your association’s membership, unity, and strength.

  • Additional Revenue Stream

    *If desired, Consolidus can return a portion of its administrative fees paid by the contracted vendors back to the association. In addition to providing an invaluable service to your members, your association enjoys an additional source of revenue that can be applied to any aspect of the association that needs improvement: expanded marketing efforts, launch educational programs, pay-off debts, hire new employees, facility improvements, additional benefits to association members – or return it directly to your members based on their participation volume!

    *Certain minimums in size and volume apply.

    Consolidus provides reporting showing spend data by category, savings derived as a result of its contracts, and all associated administrative fees payed.

    You’re going to be impressed with how Consolidus will help you improve your bottom line.