Consolidus is built very differently than most GPOs. First and foremost, we built this company to deliver much needed buying power to the companies and organizations who need it most; companies who operate in industries with no attractive or compelling GPO presence, or companies too small to be of interest to a traditional GPO.

Second, as a matter of principle, we stand by our transparency – both in our vendor contracts and in our own compensation. You will see exactly what you are paying as compared to what you are saving for the goods and services you purchase through our contracts. We’re certain that you will be impressed!


    Most GPOs are plagued by “conflicts of interest” wherein they seek to entice members into their contracts by offering the maximum price possible that is still attractive vs. the status quo. Consolidus disrupts this model by disclosing all of its pricing to each of its members in regular reports. We know that our value and our growth lies in constantly finding new savings on our customers behalf. We work hard to secure the best pricing so you don’t have to!


    You might be astonished at how different an “acceptable price” is for exactly the same goods or services in different industry verticals. Consolidus eliminates these pricing inconsistencies within every category, delivering market-leading pricing across all industries served.


    Consolidus contracts deliver savings to large, multi-billion dollar corporate members as well as small nonprofits. However, Consolidus is designed to deliver savings, service and value to the middle market – companies with revenues of $2 million to $500 million that traditionally do not have access to group purchasing.


    Consolidus provides detailed reporting showing spend data by category, savings derived as a result of its contracts, and all associated administrative fees payed. You will be impressed at how much insight into your business’ expenses you receive as a member of Consolidus.